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Explore key products and solutions from IDC that offer actionable market insights, competitive intelligence and tools to help drive your brand in the markets that matter most to you. 

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Subscription Services

Empowering subscribers to make well-informed decisions for their organization.

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Accurate, timely, highly-segmented data for hundreds of technology markets around the world.

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Spending Guides

Targeted technology opportunities with industry segmented data, aligning technology solutions to business use cases.

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IT Executive Programs

Actionable research, KPIs, benchmarks and best practices for business leaders.

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Sourcing Advisory Services

Price benchmarking that helps IT buyers drive savings and efficiency in IT investments and partnerships.

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Insights Industry Research

Global research that advises on business and technology issues facing today's IT leaders.

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Custom Solutions

Custom programs across strategy, sales and marketing, and business measurement and management.

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Investment Research

Comprehensive research tailored to the financial services community.

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3rd Platform

Digital transformation (DX) and multiplied innovation continue to energize IT markets

Spending on DX projects through 2022 will be $6.1T as more enterprises move towards becoming “digitally determined”. Explore IDC’s research across critical 3rd Platform markets.

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